Roy “Pretty Boy” Shaw RIP

Saddened to hear of the death of Roy “Pretty Boy” Shaw on 14 July 2012. Roy was a longtime and good friend of Ron. He visited Ron on a number of occasions in Rio de Janeiro, including for Christmas 1998 and for Ron’s legendary 70th birthday party in August 1999. Despite his own failing health, Roy regularly went to visit Ron when Ron was released from prison.

Roy Shaw and Ron in Rio

Roy was in HMP Wandsworth when Ron escaped in 1965, and nearly went with him. “I told Roy of my plan as we stitched mailbags,” explains Ron in his autobiography, “and that do be part of it he would need to come up with £10,000. Roy weighed up the pros and cons, but realised in the end that he would need a lot more than £10,000 to keep on the run. He wasn’t wrong and by chance prior to my escape he found himself transferred to Parkhurst on the Isle of White and would not have been around on the big day. Next time I was to see Roy was going to be in Rio when we would both be as free as a bird.”

If you want to know more about Roy and his life, it is all in his autobiography, Prettyboy.

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