Ronnie Biggs Tops the “Death List” for 2013

After topping the book charts in 2012 with Odd Man Out: The Last Straw, Ronnie Biggs finds himself back on top of the Death List for 2013.

Ron had ended 2012 as the highest ranked survivor from the 2012 Death List, having started the year in fourth position. The same happened to him in 2008.

Ron has now appeared on the Death List 13 times, the first time being in 2000, the year before his return to the UK. He has started the year at the top of the Death List on three other occasions (2002, 2009 and 2011). Until his death on 7 November 2012, only actor Clive Dunn has been listed for more years (16) than Ron.

Ron takes the Death List in his normal good humour and wishes the people behind the list, and those that treat it in the right spirit, the very best, as well as wishing a healthy 2013 to his colleagues who also find themselves on the list.

As Ron notes in Odd Man Out: “At this stage I think I should apologise to the web site Death List and its followers. I have been high up on its list as the next one to pop his clogs since I came back to Britain. I first featured in the top 50 in 2000 in a very modest 40th. By 2002 I was at number one on the list and have been solidly in the top 10 ever since. I was back to number one in 2009, but slipped behind the Lockerbie bomber in 2010, but was back on top again for 2011. Their only consolation is that one-year they will get it right, but happily I won’t be around to care!”

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