Bruce Richard Reynolds – RIP

Brothers in arms

“Bruce was a true friend. A great friend. A friend through the good and the bad times, and we had many of both. He was a good friend to me and my family. My thoughts are with Nick, his son.

“It was Bruce who set me off on an adventure that was to change my life, and it was typical of Bruce that he was there at the end to help me back from Brazil to Britain.

“I am proud to have had Bruce Richard Reynolds as a friend. He was a good man. I miss him already.

Ronnie Biggs, 28 February 2013

The Good Life

From Odd Man Out: The Last Straw

My dear friend, Bruce Reynolds was another very welcome and distinguished guest in our ‘sumptuous’ apartment overlooking Rio’s industrial zone. Bruce came to Brazil for a short spell in 1991. The last time I had seen Bruce was on that fateful day way back in August 1963 when I had moved into the ‘big time’.

Although we had spoken on the phone before he came over, it was still an enormous pleasure to meet my friend again. Bruce, who had served ten years out of a twenty-five-year sentence for his part in planning and executing the train robbery, was also marked by the long period of incarceration, which had left him emaciated and looking much older than he should have. Nevertheless, we had a great get-together and a lot of laughs.

A day or so after Bruce arrived in Rio, we were joined by his son, Nick, who is as every bit as likeable and irreverent as his old man. Their stay in Rio was all too short, but in my waters I was certain that we would all get together again in the not too distant future, only I had not foreseen that one of Bruce and Nick’s future visits to Rio would be to accompany me back to Britain.

Bruce, Nick Mike and Ron in Rio de Janeiro

“We are locked together by our past and it’s only right that I bring Ron home. It’s what the Americans would call closure.”

Bruce Reynolds, May 2001

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