Ronnie Biggs has regrets about the crime, but not about being a Great Train Robber

Given his experience with the media over the years, it comes as no surprise to Ronnie Biggs when he is misquoted in the press.

So to clarify exactly what Ron did say to the Press Association after being asked it he had any regrets about the Great Train Robbery, it was:

“If you want to ask me if I have any regrets about being one of the train robbers, my answer is, ‘No!’

I will go further: I am proud to have been one of them. I am equally happy to be described as the ‘tea-boy’ or ‘The Brain’. I was there that August night and that is what counts. I am one of the few witnesses ­– living or dead ­– to what was ‘The Crime of the Century’.

Although I have said that I have no regrets about being a train robber, I do have regrets about the crime. It is regrettable, as I have said many times, that the train driver was injured. And he was not the only victim. The people who paid the heaviest price for the Great Train Robbery are the families. The families of everyone involved in the Great Train Robbery, and from both sides of the track. All have paid a price for our collective involvement in the robbery. A very heavy price, in the case of my family. For that, I do have my regrets.”

A number of publications, especially through the headline writers, have managed to have Ron saying the exact opposite.

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