What is it that fascinates so many about Ronald Arthur Biggs and that makes him a household name in so many countries around the world?

Is it the man or the myth that makes Ron, Ronnie, Biggsy, call him what you will, a latter-day Robin Hood or Butch Cassidy, and the man who is best remembered from a gang of sixteen men who held up a mail train on 8 August 1963?

Welcome then to the wonderful world of Ronnie Biggs, because this is Ron’s very own web site. His only official web site, from where you can keep you up to date and abreast with what was going on in his life, and what is going on in the life of his son Mike and his family. You can also follow news of Ron on Twitter at @RonnieBiggsNews and on Facebook.


Order of Ron’s Funeral Service

This is also the site for Ron’s autobiography, Odd Man Out – The Last Straw, a book, that along with this web site and the Great Train Robbery anniversary bookazine, Ron hopes will help to put the record straight and demystify some of the mysteries and rubbish that surround him and the Great Train Robbery. But clearly not all of them, because the life of one Ronald Arthur Biggs, was so often very much stranger than fiction.

And however remarkable the story of Ronald Biggs appears to be, what you will read in Odd Man Out: The Last Straw and on this site is fact and not fiction. It is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, as far as Ron could remember it.

So beware of imitations – and that includes of his signature – and of people who tell you that they know the story of Ronnie Biggs and the Great Train Robbery. They don’t and they are the real crooks.

Yes, Ronnie Biggs very much existed: he is not a myth. This site and Odd Man Out: The Last Straw are the gateway to his remarkable true story.


To mark what would have been Ron’s 85th birthday and the 51st anniversary of the Great Train Robbery on 8 August 2014, we have published for the first time on Kindle Ron’s one and only novel Keep on Running, originally published as a book in 1995.



To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Great Train Robbery on 8 August 2013, Ron published The Great Train Robbery 50th Anniversary:1963-2013, a 132 page ‘bookazine’ that contains the full story of the robbery. It has contributions from both Ron and Bruce & Nick Reynolds.



‘Though it pains me to say it, I enjoyed the book, and I think a lot of other people will too.’ Detective Chief Superintendent Jack Slipper, ex-Head of the Flying Squad

‘There has never been anything quite so big, bold and crookedly brilliant as The Greatest Train Robbery’ Daily Mirror

‘Biggs added a rare and welcome touch of humour to the history of crime.’
Sir Robert Mark, ex-Metropolitan Police Commissioner

‘Needless to say the book is a must buy.’
Sex Pistols Net

‘Of all the celebrities releasing autobiographies at least Ronnie Biggs actually has a story to tell.’
The Independent

‘Ronnie is a gambler and this is the final adventure for him. This is the final chapter in his life and it is the right way for it to end’.
Bruce Reynolds, Leader of the Great Train Robbers

‘And as you ask, yes it was a life worth living, even with the regrets.’
Ronnie Biggs