How to buy Ronnie Biggs’ autobiography “Odd Man Out: The Last Straw″ outside of the UK

It is now possible to buy Ronnie Biggs’ autobiography Odd Man Out: The Last Straw in a number of countries through Amazon and other stockists listed on the Amazon web sites.

Here are the links to the book in a few key countries:








The book can also be ordered though the publisher in the UK, including the special leather bound collectors’ editions

Standard Book

Leather Bound

VIP Leather Bound Box Set


Death of John Daly

Sad to report the death of John Daly. John was Bruce Reynolds’ brother-in-law and married to Barbara, sister of Angela Reynolds, or Frances as Ron knew her.

John was the only member of the Great Train Robbery gang to be acquitted at the trial. Ron, and all the gang, thought good luck to him, although luck did not always follow John in life, and most of his share of the train robbery money was stolen from him.

It was John who brought the famous Monopoly set to Leatherslade Farm, and it was John who drove Ron from the farm to the site of the robbery.

For the story of John, read Mike Sullivan’s feature in The Sun.

Form Odd Man Out: The Last Straw:

One mid-morning Roger (Cordery) and I heard the main prison gate opening. We went to the window of the dormitory and saw a police car drive in. Minutes later Johnny Daly, the man who wanted to plead guilty, came to the door, trembling and pale faced,

‘What’s the trouble, John?’ I asked, ‘are you ill?’

‘No, I’m not ill. I’ve been acquitted!’

‘Christ! You’ve been chucked? That’s fantastic!’ said Roger delightedly ‘How? Why?’

‘Reaburn (John’s counsel) made a submission to the effect that the Monopoly set could have been taken to the farm after I left my prints on it. The judge accepted that fact and acquitted me. I’ve just come back to pick up my belongings. I’m free! – but I can’t believe it!’

Too bad I wasn’t able to share the lucky Irishman’s good fortune. My fingerprints were also found on the Monopoly set but also a sauce bottle (I never thought they would ‘ketchup’ with me). It was the sauce bottle that tied me to the farm. A previous resident at Leatherslade Farm was the key witness and he swore that no such item had been left there.

Ronnie Biggs helps his fans by lowering the price of digital copies of “Odd Man Out”


Ronnie Biggs has asked his publisher, M Press, to lower the price of the digital version of his autobiography Odd Man Out: The Last Straw, which has been reduced on the Calm Productions web site from £14.99 to just £5.

The digital edition is available HERE.

Ron was responding to the requests he has received from fans around the world who have not been able to get hold of hard copies of his best selling autobiography, or did not have access to Kindle. The digital edition should be able to be read on iPads, most tablets and computers.

The publisher expects rising demand from Australia where Mrs Biggs is currently being broadcast on Channel 7. In the UK fans were keen to find out what really happened to Ron and Charmian, rather than the fiction portrayed in the TV series that was full of factual errors, even the day and date of the robbery.

Ron has also promised his fans a new updated Kindle and digital edition of his novel, Keep On Running, as well as a contribution for a new publication about the Great Train Robbery that will be published to tie in with the 50th anniversary of the robbery on 8 August. More news on this development soon.

The upcoming anniversary of the train robbery has sadly already seen the publication of a number of titles looking to cash in on the robbery that are full of factual errors, erroneous conclusions and simple bad journalism.

A Very Happy Christmas and New Year from Ronnie Biggs

Wishing you, my family, my friends and fans, wherever you may be hiding around the world, a very, very, merry Christmas and New Year, and an exciting and memorable year ahead. A year that will see the 50th anniversary of the Great Train Robbery on 8 August.

If I could drink, I would toast you all. Cheers!

Stay good and stay lucky. See you in 2013.


Signed Copies of Ronnie Biggs’ Autobiography

A limited number of signed copies of Ronnie’s autobiography Odd Man Out: The Last Straw are available from the publishers. This includes the normal hardback edition as well as the special leather bound collector’s editions.

For availability it is best to call Calm Productions on 0208 320 3886 or 0845 408 2606. Or you can go to the web site by CLICKING HERE.

As well as the success of Ron’s book, the publisher, MPress, recently saw its autobiography of Danny Grates, Danny Boy, chosen as the sports’ book of the year by the Evening Standard.


Ronnie Biggs will be the focus of attention at The Watermill West Berkshire Playhouse

Chris Pickard, who helped Ron to write his autobiography, will be the odd man out at the Watermill playhouse in Newbury, Berkshire on 28 November when he gives a talk about Odd Man Out: The Last Straw and how he helped Ron to write it. The book was recently the top selling historical biography on the Kindle charts.

Chris will also talk about his longtime friendship with Ron – they both lived in Rio de Janeiro – and reveal a few secrets about the man himself. He will also tell the true story of “Mrs Biggs” and how Ron was treated in and by the series.

Chris will be happy to answer any questions the audience has about Ron and the Great Train Robbery, an event that celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2013,

The box office is open for the talk at what is one of Britain best loved and most impressive regional theatres. For more details CLICK HERE or call 01635 46044. Tickets are just £5.

The True Story of Mr and Mrs Biggs for just £4.11 on Kindle

If you want to read the true and full story of Mr and Mrs Biggs for just £4.11, you can on Kindle through Amazon. The true story of Mrs Biggs  is part of Ronnie Biggs’ autobiography, Odd Man Out: The Last Straw.

The autobiography is also available as a hardback book at the special price of £15.00, down from the RRP of £19.99. For collectors there are also limited leather bound editions and box sets ranging from £210 to £500.